Monster Go Away Gift Set


Our Monster Go Away gift set is the perfect addition to any bedtime routine for your little one. Both boys and girls need a little help to create the perfect bath time fun and giving your child a little help if they are battling monsters at bedtime.  Giving your child the monster go away spray in this kit will let them spray the monsters away and give them back their confidence to handle bedtime on their own.  Although we appreciate them needing us, this will help them to create their own strength from within in a fun way.


Our Monster Go Away Gift Set includes, 8oz Sugar Scrub, 4 0z Lotion, 4 oz Room Spray and exfoliating glove and come in Grape Soda scent.


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Black Raspberry Vanilla, Cherry Almond, Lavender, Monkey Farts, Wild Honeysuckle, Pink Sugar, Moonlight and Roses


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