These all-natural wool dryer balls will reduce static electricity and humidity in each load you dry. They improves the efficiency of your dryer by helping to toss your cloths and keep them from clumpy together.  This will allow the air to move through and around your clothes to dry your clothes faster and use less time & electricity.  Dryer balls are a more eco friendly way to improve how hard your dryer has to work and saves you money over time.  This makes everyone happy.


Wool Dryer Ball Starter Kit | 3 Dryer Balls with Fragrance Oil Gift Set



  • Sheep Wool (New Zealand)


Recommended Use:

Use 3 of these dryer balls or more, depending on load size, to reduce static cling and dryer time while adding a nice scent to you laundry.  DO NOT USE WITH DRYER SHEETS, this will damage your wool dryer balls.

  • Organic and Earth Friendly.
  • Our Extra Large Dryer Balls will last for up to 1000 cycles.
  • These dryer balls that are made from quality New Zealand Sheep Wool.
  • Save drying time and money per load compared to costly dryer sheets.
  • Pair with your favorite fragrance oil or essential oil to leave your clothes smelling great all day. 


Additional information

Weight 1.45 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in
Fragrance Oils

Fresh Linen, April Fresh Downy, Lavender, Wild Honeysuckle, Cherry Almond, Barbershop, Magnolia, Odor Eliminator, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Gardenia, Georgia Peaches, Green Apple, Monkey Farts, Moonlight & Roses, Pink Sugar, Very Strawberry, Wild Watermelon


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