Lemongrass Essential Oil is my favorite oil!! I have two dogs so I, unfortunately, have the dreaded “dog smell” in my home.   This eliminates it and leaves my home smelling wonderful and clean. 

I love the soap!!!  I have bout many varieties and I am loving them all!!

Their Product is amazing, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I heard they’re opening up a new store too!! I’m so happppppy!!

Anyone that knows me also know I have had an issue with acne my whole life. After using the activated charcoal bar for the first time in my life it finally seems to have come to an end! I love it!!! My face is clearing up and I don’t have to hide anymore. Your company has changed me for the better, I’m so happy we found each other!

Very fast delivery for online orders!! Thank you so much!!

I love that Simply Home Soaps look and smell great while being natural and safe to use!

“I was a little concerned about this purchase, as I’ve never really had good experiences with glycerin soaps. I couldn’t pass up the scent, so I bought one bar. It has a great smell and lathers nicely. No allergic reaction and I feel clean after using. So far, so good.”

“My husband has issues with adult-onset acne, particularly on his back. We got a sample of this at the Madisonville Home Expo and he loved it. I turned around and bought two full-size bars. His acne isn’t completely cleared up yet, but is so much better than it was!”

Got several soaps for Christmas and thought I would try some bath bombs at the urging of another customer. Used the almond coconut tonight and LOVED it! also ordered a loofa soap. Wish the label didn’t have the price on it…
was going to give as a gift! oh well! will draw a flower over it and give…