About Us

John & Amanda Chase’s story started in their family kitchen. During the winter of 2016 they ventured into a new hobby. Little did they know at that time they were on the path to Simply Home Soaps. They fell in love with the soap making process, all the processes (hot process, cold process melt and pour mostly). They own several other small businesses and have a busy life but in their free time Amanda and John would come home and immerse themselves in soap making. Before long they were overwhelmed with soap, bath bombs and sugar scrubs. They love their soaps so much they thought why keep it to ourselves so they started gifting to family and friends. They knew others would love it as much as they do, and they did! Their friends and family became their first customers as they loved how our products made their skin feel. John being an entrepreneur, thought this may be a great business opportunity. They started with our local Farmers’ Markets. The response was amazing and expanded their customer base. They could no longer produce the amounts of products needed out of their home kitchen. In 2018 we opened our first brick and mortar location in Boonville, Indiana and Simply Home Soaps was born.

Soon after they opened a kiosk in Eastland mall in Evansville, Indiana which later became our first in-line store. They started expanding their product line offering candles, essential oils, wax melts, tart warmers, bath fizzies,and warmers. The Evansville location also host the Tri-State's area's largest hot sauce and Jerky. Wholesaling has been a huge bonus for them and they’re truly thankful. Some of our wholesalers have been with Simply Home Soaps from the beginning, Posh on Main in Evansville, Indiana was one of the first. Building these wholesale relationships have led to launching their newest venture. They just rolled out an Affiliate Program with over 200 active precipitance as of March 2022. The Chase’s have kept things the same making each batch of soap special and made with the same love they have for their products. Each small batch of soap is made with the finest ingredients ensuring the quality of each product. Simply Home’s bar soaps are made with all natural ingredients. The candles are all soy say and our wax melts are made with palm oil each with premium fragrance to increase the fragrance load. Bath Bombs are infused with vitamin E and Jojoba oils. The essential oil line is premium therapeutic grade oils at a reasonable price.


Simply Home’s handmade lotions, sugar scrubs and bath soaking salts are all infused with vitamin E, Jojoba and coconut oils all to make your skin feel so soft and smooth. We love our products and we know you will too.