Our soapy sudzy soap infused sponges give your the right amount of soap needed without thinking about it. Just wet your sponge and you are ready to knock out your shower or bath in one fail swoop. No fuss, no muss.  Our soapy sudzy sponges are great for kids who love to waste the body wash and leave a mess everywhere.  They have been a life saver in our home and my kids love being independent in their personal hygiene practices.

Soapy Sudzy – Wild Honeysuckle


Our Ingredients:

Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Stearic Acid, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Myristic Acid, Lauric Acid, Goat Milk, Yellow 5, Titanium Dioxide, Fragrance, Colorant.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × 2.5 in


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